Saturday, June 12, 2010

Serious Flower Power.

The nature theme of the moment here in the high desert of Northeastern New Mexico is flowers! You can't go anywhere without seeing vibrant colors to the horizon and beyond. Its beauty is all encompassing, and the smell.... Divine.

The air is filled with the combo scent of pine and whichever flower you happen to be standing near. The warmer the day, the better, with the sun providing for them the confidence they need to stand tall and broadcast their olfactory magic.

I generally have a blog rule whereby I refuse to post more than ten images per post. Otherwise, in all of my enthusiasm, I may find myself asking others to endure image after image, captive, like a Griswold Family Hike slide show.

But how could I not allow each little flower ambassador to Represent?

I mean, who'd get cut?

Rules are meant to be broken.

This guy looks like he has fuzzy yellow caterpillars all over him...

I wish I knew the names of some of these.

Besides this guy who I know to be a wild iris.

This one hasn't bloomed yet- perhaps she'll have no flowers at all- but the intricate whirls and ridges associated with this plant completely beguiled me.

Hiking in flower paradise...

Hardy little guy...

I'm going to say that this is, officially, crack cocaine to the butterfly population. They cannot get enough of this little beauty. They swarm the stuff. (Stay tuned for a butterfly collection.)

And this is so lovely, with such a delicate scent, definitely one of my favorites. Anyone know what this is?


...and whimsical.

Which one's your favorite? And if anyone can identify any of these, please do. I'd like to be polite, and address them by name the next time I see them. :)


Jaime said...

Second flower down looks to be Indian Paintbrush. :)

And the fuzzy caterpillars one looks to have willow leaves (salix) - so perhaps a variety of pussy willow.

Teresa Evangeline said...

What a beautiful representation of what's "real" in this world. My #1 fave is "Rules are meant to be broken." Love the blue and yellow, but maybe it's the caption... Exquisite, Kristy. Thank you, so much.

Christine said...

Just wow! So beautiful. I so wish I could be there to experience that in person. My fave is the last one. :) Thanks for sharing this, and for breaking the rules. ;)

turquoisemoon said...

Beautiful...simply beautiful! I'm stuck inside, its been raining and the humidity is awful. I miss NM.

Farmer Dan said...

If you want names I found a couple on this page -

Happy clicking!

Falen said...

aww! My fav is that last one

swamericana said...

Kristy: Really great photos. Amazing how a person can get lost in framing a shot, then looking at the results close-up. Quite a variety of blossoms. And a "Griswold" reference? The Griswold family--Sparky would say a plant is edible and eat it to prove it to Ellen and Russ and Audrey (?). I'll bet you would know what would happen next.

I wish our blossoms would emit more scent, but with the dry air, it's difficult to pick up the smell.

Am waiting for your butterfly collection.

(Sage to Meadow, Jack Matthews)

Hunter Accounts said...

WoW! what a beautiful collection of pictures..=)